Z8000 and Grids

Is it possible to send trigs from the Grids module to the TTA Z8000 to basically advance each step on the Z8000? The Grids triggers would effectively become the clock? Trying to wrap my head around this to modulate the pitch of the MFB Drum-04 per step. Not sure to buy the Z8000 at this point.

Solution 1:

  • You can reconfigure Grids’ output ACC 2 / ACC 3 as a CLK / RST pair, to control another sequencer.

Solution 2:

  • Drive both sequencers from the same master clock.

@pichenettes by sending the RST signal from the Grids, won’t this cause the Z8000 to return to the first step in its sequence? I basically want each trigger to cause the Z8000 to step versus a standard uniform clock. I have no idea if this is possible.

I thought you wanted to have the Grids and Z8000 in perfect sync…

If you “just” want the Z8000 to step at each trigger form grid, then it’s as simple as patching one of Grids outputs into the Z8000 clock inputs…

@pichenettes Got ya. That definitely makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: