Yusynth panels

Seems I’m sold now to modular.
Ordered parts for Yusynth modules.

Going to make panels for them and asking if someone is also interested.
Panels will be 5U 3mm black powder coated aluminum with white screen print.
Don’t want to make any profit with these, only want to get better price for myself.
Going to start with VCO, VCF (all 4 of them), VCA, LFO, ADSR, FFP. Later other modules.

Want to keep it cheap. Therefore I order blank painted panels with mounting holes and let them print including drilling positions. You need to drill the holes yourself. Target is to keep the price around 10 EUR. Depends of interest.
Will somebody join me?

MOTM style or DotCom?

MOTM style. No bendings.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the deal with the bendings?

In default the material for bended plates is 1,5mm and I think the bendings make it stronger.
If it’s 3mm then it needs no bendings.

Ah, makes sense. 1/16" (1.58mm) is the most common thickness of sheet metal in the US. 3mm thickness is fine for 1/4" jacks and 16mm pots (that doesnt work for euro though)

Cool. I might be in for a couple of the filters…