Your preference on Yarns VCO outs?

Hi All,

Yarns has build in VCOs, with outputs mapped as follows :
On CV4 in monophonic mode (1M) => Aux CV out
On CV3 and CV4 in duophonic modes (2M or 2P) => Mod CV & Aux CV out
On CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4 in quadraphonic modes (4M or 4P) => The corresponding CV channels

As a consequence, Mod CV and Aux CV become unavailable in 2M/P modes, when the OSCs are turned ON for the 2 parts.
CV1 & CV2 are CV duplicates of the Audio outputs on CV3 & CV4 respectively. This is a great feature for VCF tracking and similar patches.
However if no tracking is needed, these two CV outs become redundant.

What do you think about outputting the Audio of the VCOs on the corresponding CV outs, as for the 4M/P modes: CV1 & CV2.
This way the Mod CV and Aux CV outs stay available for performance control.
As both configurations are useful, either a new global setting or a new mode (2M/P/x) would be needed.

Anybody else in favor of this change?

Nobody using Yarns as VCO around and willing to comment on this?

probably not easily do-able, but I would actually also prefer to have each output assignable individually. Not ‘modes’.

So that one could use a VCO on CV1, the corresponding pitch on CV2, CV3 and CV4 as drum triggers on different channels, G1 as gate for the first voice, G2 as clock 16th, G3 as clock 8th … anything, just mix&match for each output what it shall be: a drum trigger, a clock division, a pitch CV, VCO, … and the whole set saved as one configuration.

In this way, also your desired setup would be available.

I guess, not easy to accomodate the more tricky features this way (voice allocation in poly modes) … and I cannot really complain, have no Yarns (had to buy another interface before it was available, but with these feature there would be an even stronger urge to upgrade).

Im using Yarns to drive VCOs :wink:

> Not ‘modes’.

You still need to tell the module how many voices you need, how to deal with polyphony and so on.

> anything, just mix&match for each output what it shall be: a drum trigger, a clock division, a pitch CV, VCO

Yarns is supposed to be a low-HP, entry-level MIDI interface :slight_smile:

@pichenettes: yes, i thought voice allocation would be quite difficult this way.

Otherwise: As i understand, Yarns does all that already: drum trigger, VCO, gate, pitch CV, just in pre-defined modes. Mix&Match would just mean to be a bit more flexible to allocate outputs.

Also not sure about the “entry-level” :wink: Yarns is surely one of the most sophisticated interfaces available. Entry level is more the pittsburgh Midi2 or the doepfer A-190-2.
The only real contender currently is the Vermona one, with lots of hp (not good), and lots of outputs (good): i actually doubt that many people need as many outputs, if they can choose what to assign to each output.
As the OP suggested, some might want a Midi-CC to CV instead of a pitch CV (for whatever reason). Some might want 2 monophonic voices with gate + CV and some clock divisions, … anyway, just a thought … :wink:

There was originally a 18HP module with a screen, more knobs/switches, and more I/O. I wasn’t sure about releasing something as sophisticated, and I wanted something smaller and less expensive to include with MI systems, so it got downsized and became the version of Yarns you know, with the engine I wrote for the “big” module. Originally pretty much everything was hidden, but when I realized that I would have to sell it for 250€ or more anyway, I brought back the features from the engine. That’s why, in my mind, it’s still the “lightweight” MIDI interface.

Can we please have then the heavyweight Version some day?

Yes, yes, it’ll happen, though there are 4-5 things ranked higher in my modules priority list.

We’ll shiver in anticipation. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind a hybrid mode combining “normal” voices with trigger ones. Workaround to this was adding white noise as waveform to the build-in OSC. If i understood Olivier correctly, Morcego’s proposal would need some deep redesign of the part architecture.

I think the completely free architecture is something for Yarn’s future bigger brother.
If possible can we limit this discussion to the actual Yarns?

What i’m after is not as demanding, just a remapping of already available functions to other hardware outputs. I feel the 2 CV outs are wasted in 2M mode when using the OSC, except if you are after key-tracking. With the option for Mod/Aux CV available at the same time as the OSC, Yarns would be perfect to me.

to me, yarns is hardly a “entry level” module, as much so as braids is hardly an oscillator. that said , i would love to see the heavyweight down the road. i’ve been liking midipal and yarns to crib a grids vibe, any room in the code there for the scan/interpolation/chaos elements of grids into the pal?

via mod wheel or assignable control cc?

Are there any extant examples of Yarns being used in oscillator mode, particularly in four-voice 4P mode, on SoundCloud or YouTube or elsewhere? I can’t find any, but would love to hear some examples.

I would love to hear versions too!
Raw wave forms played individually and in chords and then a filtered version with ripples and peaks as an eg source !
Really keen on this module, would just like more demos!

The sounds are basic waveforms, nothing fancy at all. The “special” thing is that the pitch is right without having to tune anything! Never seen my tuner as steady as when i feed it signals from Yarns.
I work in M mode only tough.

I could do a demo of Yarns spitting out 2 sequences.