Your opinion on Numerology

Anyone here any experience with Numerology Care to share your opinion?

It’s cool! It’s nice that there’s a VST plugin version, too (though it’s awkward to setup in Live). It’s a nice half-way house between oldschool linear step-sequencing and the kind of Max-based generative noodles that are interesting, but not generally very user-friendly.


Would you say it could be used to do a full track?

Definitely. Having said that, it’s not a DAW, in the sense that I don’t think you could produce, record and edit a full track, made with external MIDI gear.


The UI looks live it’s trying to be Live, but manages something more like Windows95 though (too many bevels). Still a good program though.
The new additions (since I used it last) look good, too. Especially as I have a Push, and a Launchpad. Talking of which, Launchpad integration is pretty nice. You can do cool things like change the length of sequences on the fly, and even rewrite them completely. Works best for writing drum parts, in my experience.


I don’t expect to be able to use it as a DAW, more like a “classic” MIDI sequencer to drive external gear.

It will do that admirably, and a lot more, besides. It’s particularly fun for modulating FX plugin parameters (think Elektron P-Locks for an arbitrary number of parameters). You could equally go mad sending sequenced CCs to your MIDI gear (though you might find your MIDI gear chokes a bit, if you go too overboard, so your mileage may vary, as they say).


i really like it and its workflow, but its failed the HAVE YOU EVER FINISHED A SONG WITH THIS test. Come to think of it, I should probably just sell or trade mine.

@herrprof every piece of hardware and software I have fails that test :wink:


I have it and want to like it but it’s overwhelming and un intuitive IMO

@beatfreq Have you tried the beta of the upcoming new version? Better? Worse? What do you find unintuitive?

I think v.4 is already out, isn’t it? I paid for the upgrade some time ago. Maybe there’s a v.5 on the way. It’s a while since I went to the forum. Incidentally, there are some drum kits I made in the Downloads section of the forum.


Numerology is deep and very interesting. There are very good tutorials for it. One of the things I like about it is its modular architecture allowing you to plug this into that. Having one sequence modulate another is killer, for e.g. I’ve done lots of (finished) music with it.

I love it! Great software and nice and responsive developer. (Jim)
It always keeps me from building my own hardware sequencer, because when my project plans grow with my ideas for sequencing and it starts to get huge, I always come to the conclusion that I can do all that and more with Numerology. :slight_smile:
As far as “analog” style sequencing goes it can do all you’d ever want. Launchpad integration is a great thing too, because the only thing I don’t like about it is, that it’s software and there are not enough “real” knobs to touch and fiddle with. Launchpad improved that a bit.

Yea for sure! Ive been meaning to test out the experimental push support, but my time with a newborn is limited to actual jamming, not daw diving sadly.

I’ll have to try it with my Push, too. If it makes use of the encoders, as well as the pads, it will be pretty cool. The only problem with using it with the Launchpad is that with CV sequencers, the resolution is limited by the 8 rows of pads.