Your favourite modules to use with Clouds


Originally this was a post asking for advice on modules to go with clouds for my first small modular set up. I thought I’d change the title incase anyone just wanted a general discussion about how they like to work with it.

I’ll probably be buying a wogglebug as suggested below and will probably use the Dominion 1 semimodular patches until I can afford to really start taking this modular game seriously. Small and cheerful for now.

Also, I’m guessing in theory . At the bare basic level I could have Clouds, an amp module and just the Dominion 1 to get me started?

You don’t really need the amp module, you can start with Clouds and the CV outputs from the Dominion.

Things you could add:

  • Shades to control the level of the CVs before they hit Clouds.
  • Something like a WoggleBug or SSF Ultra Random Analog to add random modulations.

A small sequencer can also be cool with Clouds. You don’t need a full fledged one, a simple 8 step one will probably do the job just fine. You could also get a Peaks, so you have all sorts of modulations you can use with Clouds (and a simple 4-step mod sequencer), or a Microbe Meta sequencer, which will give you lots of steps in a very small package.

…or a Turing Machine, if you want a bit of random sequencing.


Thanks for the info guys. They all sound like good shouts. I haven’t even bought anything yet but I can already feel the bug coming on.

Radio Music ModularThing is fun through Clouds as is just about anything :slight_smile:

Radio Music is cool. Also by Music Thing, Mikrophonie is great if you like scrapy, scratchy noises (and who doesn’t?). Pairs well with Clouds.


Just got a Doepfer A-135-1 (newest version w/ a host of normalisations), it’s great for mixing various audio sources or modulations to send to clouds.

@udbhav that Doepfer module looks useful!


Mikrophonie. Sold.

Clouds + Mikrophonie: