Your favourite MI module


Frames PLUS Shelves. With those two modules together you can create anything and manipulate anything


Rings, because I have no other synth capable of such sounds.

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I have just entered into the modular world and Plaits is the module I spend hours to play with. Next purchase will be Rings.

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Yes, if you build one (or more) of these:

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Doesnt make much sense here, since the one and only sequencer i have already has a MIDI Out. Like 6. As DIN-MIDI. No sense using one of its CV-Outs an converting this back to MIDI…

Now honestly and without kiddin: my favourite is Braids, because it all began here and its still sonically surprising every time.


Ahahah,true!!..i was thinkin as i was watchin the answers…if you have not try all the M.Modules,how can you say its your favourite,but…Ok,the favourite in those you have.

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Still Tides for me. I have two of them. Both b-stock or pre-production or whatever from days long
since passed. Clouds after that.

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Frames for sure. Got 2 of those. The only modules used in every patches. Truly unique and versatile.


Blinds <3


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I wholeheartedly agree, got blinds for utility purposes but it took some patching to realize just how much utility is in there for both audio and cv. My favourite use for it right now is to control envelopes’ levels with it to create dynamic velocities for my percussive patches. With four channels of this, i am approaching live drumming levels of expression!

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I really like when i explain the system to friends who have no idea 'bout modular, plumbing modules etc. suddenly become the most interesting ones, after patching.