Your favourite MI module


Frames PLUS Shelves. With those two modules together you can create anything and manipulate anything


Rings, because I have no other synth capable of such sounds.


I have just entered into the modular world and Plaits is the module I spend hours to play with. Next purchase will be Rings.


Yes, if you build one (or more) of these:


Doesnt make much sense here, since the one and only sequencer i have already has a MIDI Out. Like 6. As DIN-MIDI. No sense using one of its CV-Outs an converting this back to MIDI…

Now honestly and without kiddin: my favourite is Braids, because it all began here and its still sonically surprising every time.


Ahahah,true!!..i was thinkin as i was watchin the answers…if you have not try all the M.Modules,how can you say its your favourite,but…Ok,the favourite in those you have.


Still Tides for me. I have two of them. Both b-stock or pre-production or whatever from days long
since passed. Clouds after that.