Your favourite MI module


Yeah, which one is your absolute favourite? :heart_eyes:

I have Warps, Rings and Plaits. I also used to have Clouds. Plaits has the broadest use in my rack but my favourite MI module is also my favourite all time sound source, namely Rings. Even more since I actually started using the input a few weeks ago. :blush: Such beautiful plucked and percussive sounds, such beautiful organic, pad-like textures. I’ve had it for a year hand a half now and the feelings just won’t cool down.


This is a very tricky question. Depending on the day, Tides (v1), Clouds, Peaks, ELEMENTS + Ears. Braids is super-helpful as a live improvisor, as I have fast access to a broad palette.

Probably a broader response than you imagined!


Again, this is a really tricky question. The ones I use in nearly every patch are Marbles, Streams and Kinks. I think for density of functionality Kinks is really hard to beat. Streams was the biggest shock though, I bought it to fill in a physical gap in my case and I thought I was just going to use it for a few more envelopes, but found plenty of uses for all the other functions especially patching one channel to the other (Env into LPG is the obvious one), Compressors are incredibly useful :slight_smile:


Out of 8 MI modules, Frames. It was the first MI module I bought. No one seemed to talk about it much at the time, and I like things that are a little under the radar, oddball and versatile! Which Frames most certainly is.
It’s the best quad panner mixer sequncery oscillator control voltage source thingy (with automation) that I can think of. Oh, and it does VCA type stuff as well. Hurrah!
(Handy side benefit, it also scratches my blinken-lightz itch most satisfactorily)

And Rings is a close second. Never has such glorious organicness sprouted from something so digital. Umm, right?! (Guilty confession: I’ve had it over 2 years and i’ve not even tried the bonus modes on it yet)


I gotta give it up for Plaits. I have been using it a while now and the little symbols are becoming quite familiar but paradoxically I am beginning to forget what they mean. It really is a very playable oscillator that takes so much of the fuss out patching. If I want to modulate it to the nth degree plaits will respond beautifully, but it can also be a wonderful simple synth voice.


I love the Tides mk2 - Rings - Clouds combo. A vast universe. Marbles may be my next destination.


Does the Shruthi count as Module?


I’d say no. :slight_smile:


When does a rock become a grain of sand?


When he met enough water.


for me it has to be rings. The breadth of tones I can get out of it is just astonishing. It can play every role from subtractive sounding basses and leads to atonal and bizarre hits and pads.
Of course using it with exciters like plaits or a sample player takes it to the next level but its brilliant on its own.


It was for a long time Tides v1 but after some other modules it almost got dethroned by rings because of the ease to use with the attenuverter design and the various modes.

Then Tides v2 came and made everything better. Only missing the freeze from v1 but besides that it’s my favorite module by far. (having tides v1 and v2 in 7u 90hp case)


I have rings, clouds, plaits and grids
Rings is may favourite module in my whole rig.


My favourite MI module is Shades… It is always in every patch I make. Also when not using the other obvious MI modules.


Based on this mine is Links


For me it’s Rings – the module that pretty much led me into Eurorack. I like it enough to have two.

Most MI modules I think of as clever, versatile, elegant etc. Rings is those things, but also irreplaceable. (Though I suppose I could substitute four Elements, a clock divider and a mixer for one Rings if I still wanted polyphony… :laughing:)


Frames for sure, but Braids will always have a special place in my rack because it was my very first module!


Stages,in first and Plaits,…Stages,you can do so much with it, yeaah!..I need 2 Stages more…! Yes for me its the best…


I think it would have to be Elements - the one that introduced me to MI


Mine too! I have a few attenuator/offset modules, but Shades is my favorite.