Your favorite hardware-based sequencer

What is it and why? :slight_smile:

Sequentix Circlon because it has these supersex Cherry Buttons and i have a good place on the waiting List. Besides this it looks as it is does exactly what i want from a Sequencer - a thing i can’t say from Logic.

I was looking at it just before I posted this and OH MY GOD SO EXPENSIVE.

Cirklon for me too, even if I’ve sold mine a month ago. May be it was doing a little bit too much things for me … I’m now using my own max4live sequencers, which is still PIY (Program IT Yourself).

Midibox Seq V4, extremely flexible, but still intuitive with no excessive menu diving. Some key features for my purposes, e.g. MIDI Re-Sync while running (think MungoSync).
Oh, and it’s DIY :slight_smile:

To be honest, the Circlon is just a replacement as long as theres no Mutable Instruments Sequencer. Sadly Olivier said he likes to play around with analog circuits more than coding another sequencer . . . but on the other hand there will never be a Mutable Poly he said :wink:

Once again it’s only guesstimation, but I’m pretty sure Olivier has been cooking something related to cyclic recently…

I really hope we will get a Mutable seq at some point (not too far in the future)…

I still use my Yamaha QY700 … its quite ‘pocket calculator’ but I’ll be damned if its not just a powerful music-making machine …

My favourite? Umm, I only have 1! A Doepfer MAQ 16/3 which I have had for 15+ years. It’s kind of dated I guess, but then it is rather supposed to be. You can do some cool things with it, and it’s a complete trip to watch and use with those 48 LEDs zipping back n forth. It makes Knight Rider look amateur :stuck_out_tongue:
Being able to sequence midi CCs (and even patch changes) much the same way you do with notes is a highlight for me. I guess the MAQ is no Cirklon, but I like it a lot anyway.

x0xb0xes also double up for a fun, if somewhat basic hardware sequencer.
[edit] DOH! I nearly forgot… The Tenori-on also makes for a very interesting and quirky sequencer.

I also have Cyclic, and and have spent quite some time doodling with the Shruthi sequencer and arp, and I like making good use of all the raga’s. Which makes me think that if Olivier were to turn his hand to making a hardware sequencer of some kind, then I have no doubt that it would be rather good…

I have Roland MC300, for what I want it is perfect, but not so perfect is lack of any RAM for the OS (I have the super MRC disks for the MC500MKII, apparently they are essentially the same machine but as there is no RAM for the OS in the 300 the disk needs to load every last subsystem every time you select a function. I think I will invest in a MC500mkII if i ever find one was as cheap (I was like £15 for my MC300 including the postage!) Im trying to get away from using computers (pee cee’s) so what I do is sequence everything in the MC300 (although due to the limitations I am dumping patterns to Cubase, fine tuning them there, especially with CC changes then dumping it back to the MC300) then slaving the MC300 to my ADAT using timecode and then I can multitrack all my different synth parts. Live (ie. in the bedroom! I am not playing my music for anyone else) I can set off arepeggiators and drum machines etc all in pretty good time with the MC300. I just wasn’t getting anything very tight with Cubase on PC. I haven’t really explored the shruti’s sequencing/arps as Im programming all the parts it plays (or I play them in real time, like leads) but my simple setup of MC300, JP8000, Shruthi-1, Electribe ER1 and SR16 (plus a zoom studio) is all sounding good to me…I need another Shruthi and also like look of Minibrute…if I can ever MIDIfy my monotrons then I will have some setup going :slight_smile:

But from a “gear I wish I had” … the ARP 1600 sequencer looks to be the best. I have built crap sequencers around the 4017 but would love to build something like the ARP sequencer…being able to slave a sequencer to tape is really what I need, I think someone has cracked this for the baby 10 toy sequencer, but there are a lot of irregularities with it, like it starting on the second step… I love things which are hands on…and anything that has a relation to early Depeche Mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Just now I am using the Atruria Arp with a MIDI controller, you can get some great random sequences just by pushing a few faders, very cool way to write music

I don’t own any of them, but my planned next (software) sequencer is a hybrid of ideas found in the Manikin Schrittmacher, Doepfer MAQ 16-3, and Sequentix Cirklon. I also don’t own a hardware Klee or M-185 , but I like those too. :wink:

Like others, I would love to dream about a nice hardware MI sequencer… Lord knows Olivier had great ideas for me that I implemented in CycliC .

There was a limited edition of these (five?) in slate with gold knobs I gave serious consideration too. I ended up not buying but it did look nice.

Klee, thats the one forgot about that…it looks like a modern ARP sequencer :slight_smile: Making a MIDI one would be very good I must check this midibox stuff!

Here is a link about my max4live device step sequencer (I spoke earlier in this topic) : hps-octane

Hédi K.

modular sequencing is where it’s at for me -

sequential switches, clock utilities, comparators, boolean logic, sequencers of different length and fundamental design, randomness of various stripes, PWM of clock signals, gate to trigger, fancy quantizer designs, analog shift registers, sample and hold, matrix mixing, the list goes on

if I just want to sit down and sequence a completely pre-determined set of musical phrases that’s why I have MIDI piano roll in a DAW and an expert sleepers solution

hpsounds has a good tactic with the max4live based solution - I’m going to move somewhat in that direction eventually, and I’m looking to have ‘sequencer modules’ in the computer that I can send reset/clock signals to from my modular (I already do it the other way around sometimes of course)

My modular is mainly controlled by the mighty MB-SEQv4 acting as a Lemur-controllable WiFi 8-channel MIDI/CV converter. I’m looking at getting into more traditional modular sequencers like a TKB and all that jazz later. I hope to finish the Dave Kendall/Fonik discrete MIDI clock module soon, then I can slave the analog gear to the global tempo without breaking a sweat.

It is not really a dedicated sequencer but I like the Octatrack… 8 Miditracks, good Arp up to 4 notes chord, independant track length to make “Ostinato”…

MFB Urzwerg Pro MkII look awesome and at a decent price. Would make a good companion to Anushri.