You guys liked the Talking Heads one so here's another (mostly) modular rendition of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie no.1


From the reactions I got here last time I posted the This Must Be The Place cover I thought some of you might get a kick out of this, as the title suggests it’s Gymnopedie no.1 but with a twist, I aimed to turn it from a somber composition to a hopeful and romantic one. It’s not a cover per se but more so the first half is composed entirely of sections of Gymnopedie. (again if you want better quality free link to listen on bandcamp in my soundcloud bio, but I appreciate soundcloud support more, better for the music resume.)

The chords were done with a Yamaha TX7 but aside from that it’s entirely modular with my expanded rig hehe.

Would love to hear feedback and discuss any aspects of the track!


Big, big smile :slight_smile:


Wow another great track <3


Thanks a lot for this! :sunny:


Very nice!

Very Tomita, at the beginning. I was less keen on the second part, but still really nicely done. Good work!


I actually love the second part. Tomita (or Beaunoise) were there before, so I was happily surprised when this (bare)foot-tapping section started!


Thanks so much for the great response everyone! This stuff really does make my day :smiley:


Wow Beaunoise’s stuff is great, never heard of him, cheers for the link!


Nice Astro Boy!


I had a digital piano as a kid with a demo button that would play a compilation going through various songs and the preset sounds on the keyboard. Memory came rushing back when I clicked play, haha. Great sounds!