Yocto DIY 808 clone

Just discovered this…
DIY TR-808 clone KIT
This is amazing!

I’m guessing that they’re based in France, considering their language options+forum… Anyone know anything?

Wow. That’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

I saw that mentioned on Muffs… Looks pretty good! And it sure came out of the blue.
Never heard of the company behind it though…
And it is a caseless project. FCD! Altitude!??

Oh shit! this looks the radness

the price ain’t bad either!

There’s also this just FYI. :slight_smile:

suddenly, of course after i built my modular ‘908’ from hexinverter and bananeurism boards they’re shooting out of the ground like mushrooms.
but i’m actually quite happy with the modular approach.

I was pretty psyched thinking it was available. But I’ll just have to wait!

wow. Where were all these drum projects last year? I’m still happy with the LXR, I don’t need any more drum machines…right?

Any way I can get my name changed?

RyanNAY4 would work. I think that’s the nail in the coffin for my Haus Musik Analouge Syn te siza. I was hopeful the OS update would add a strobe light and fog machine, but It might not still be here when that happens.

Who wants to buy my 808 so I can switch to DIY? :wink:

this does not help me… no… any idea of how much will be the case?

Sounds like fun. :slight_smile: It also sounds like an 808 in the one demo they have. Too bad the cases are not included without third party manufacturing because they look great.

on his site he says 50 Euro for case

Hmm… I still don’t see it just the link to the files to make the box. It didn’t appear under “all products” either. It is nice to know that one could buy the case form them though.
Anyway, I gave the demo video a listen and it all sounds right except the clap. It doesn’t sound as pronounced, a bit muffled. Maybe I am thinking of the 909 clap?

The case isn’t available from them. It says on the site that €50 is about what it would cost to have it made.
I think it sounds pretty good. Except the bass drum. Which isn’t even nearly there to my ears. Prolly nothing some small tweaks won’t fix though.

Plus we are hearing compressed internet sounds , I bet in real life ™ it sounds way better

For that price and with all those features, I wouldn’t be upset if it doesn’t end up being an exact clone. If the Tanzbar and the Miami are the competition, this DIY machine has already won in terms of the price not being based on the outrageous second hand market for the original 808. You could get 3+ Junos or a Jupiter 6 (possibly) for the price of one 808- which is clearly insane, yet the best clones end up costing close to half of that obscene price.

This company will will a lot of devotees even if the sound is closer to a Miami or a Tanzbar than the real thing.

i can’t seem to find their address anywhere on their website.
you have to do a whois search to find out they are located in france!
i don’t find that very confidence-inducing.
(not the fact that they are in france, of course, but that they aren’t telliing you who and where they are :wink: )