YM - looking for V2164 quad VCA and PT2399 digital delay in germany

Hi! Has somebody near germany these two chips to give away?

Newtone is a dutch shop that carries them both.


For the 2164 ask rosch…

i also just received a spare PT2399 from banzai yesterday :wink:

shiftr: My dutch is really bad and I can´t see if they ship to germany.Frank: I asked him. If he has one for me I´ll buy the 2399 at musikding.

So I´ll get both from rosch. :smiley:

For the record, I just made an account on Newtone and it looks like they’ll ship to Denmark, so I’d assume Germany too. It’s based on weight, just over 300 grammes was 10 euro, which is the price they list for Belgium in their price list. I can’t see if it’s tracked or not. They seem to only accept payment by bank transfer, though that’s simple and free in the EU.

This is the only source of V2164s I’ve been able to find in Europe, after as much as TEN minutes searching.

there are a few sources in europe, info is somewhere here on the forums

With small web shops like Newtone it can really help to email them (in English), tell them you don’t speak Dutch, and just ask for a quote including shipping.

it’s so weird that V2164s are hard to get in .eu. Coolaudio is owned by Behringer and based in Germany

We ship worldwide and carry the 2164 in SMD and DIP packages. Actually cheaper than some EU suppliers, including shipping…