YM Doesn't save patches

I tried to dig through the discussions with the search engine and couldn’t find the answer, and it is probably very easy to fix, but for some reason my freshly built Yellow Magic will not save patches. I make my patch, hit save, give the patch a new name, hit okay, shut the unit down and go to look for the patch and it is nowhere to be found. Any suggestions, I haven’t used a Shruthi in a while.

At which position (number) did you save it?

Can you load the presets above 16?

Yes I can load presets above 16, and I saved it in whatever patch slot was above all the presets in User 1 I guess, I also tried saving in various presets, such as just editing Junon and saving that and no changes were stored.

Anybody else can reproduce the problem? I can’t. If the problem would occur only for patches 1-16 (resp. 17-464) I could blame the main MCU (resp. external eeprom), but if it doesn’t work for both there’s something really strange. Are you sure you follow the procedure correctly?

Cant reproduce here. Successful writing on both patch and combo mode.
n8bit: do you set the brackets around the ok (e.g. “[OK]”) and hit the encoder ?

Is it the eeprom that came with the kit? it should be a Microchip branded chip, other brands are too slow.

Yeah, I’m retarded apparently, forgot to scroll over to the brackets around “OK”, to get [OK]. Having used a billion different synths, you’d think I’d be able to figure an easy one out like that. Sorry for the time wasted!

gotcha ! :slight_smile:
but no time wasted, glad to help!