The Yellow Magic Shruthi BOM states the 5.6n or 6.8n Caps as Ceramic.
The Assembly instructions show and explain them as Film Caps.

Who´s right?

Use either, but if you go for ceramics you must make sure that they are of the C0G/NP0 type as those are very stable wrt temperature.

The great Ian Fritz, who has been publishing DIY since the old days of the Electronotes newsletter, has experimented, measured and validated that low-tolerance C0G/NP0 ceramics are just as good as low-tolerance film caps.

Good to know Jojjelito thanks!

It would be good to correct the BOM, so as to make it consistent with the instructions, or make a note there saying there´s no major difference.

I was left wondering what mistake I had made while ordering and somebody else might fall for the same “trap”, particularly noobs like me.

It’s always good to read a BoM with open eyes and question stuff. It’s a great way to learn. There’s tons of these discussions on the DIY forums at electro-music.com and muffwiggler.com plus the Synth-DIY mailing list. But reading it all takes time, time which can also be spent on learning by doing :slight_smile:

Haha, yes, I like the latter.

It is a dangerous road tho…I think my MI synths are too precious to experiment. And I know I am wrong, I should be more audacious with them.
That´s were the real fun begins I guess.

I have to remind myself that is the way, and not treat my boards like they are part of the Hubble telescope´s innards!

It’s good to find the part on the circuit diagram and try to understand what it does. Then you know what properties it needs.

@Dunk: that’s a very good suggestion because it will lift you to a higher level in the Shrutiversum. But finding the part is easy enough, figuring out what it does is already a bit harder, and the last step is quite a bit of a challenge.A combination of reading the schematics and trying to figure out from the BOM why THAT particular component was chosen will teach you a lot, though.