Yet another max4live patch editor

Here is my take on a Shruthi-1 editor for Ableton via max for live. Includes drop down contextual menus, knobs show real values, parameter mapped, and the 12 part modulation matrix.
Small and simple, hopefully not buggy. :slight_smile:



Works great, thanks a lot for sharing this!
I remember there was another one some time ago, but somehow I can’t find it anymore, so I’m really glad you’ve posted this one.
It’s pretty straight forward and well laid out. It lacks support for the dual SVF filter, but I guess I could implement that myself (where was that max manual again?). The handiest part imho is the mod matrix (which is probably the only somehow cumbersome part to program on the Shruthi-1 itself).

Good point. I can add that in. Took alittle bit of digging in the source to find the NRPN #s for 2 of the 4 extra parameters. though there seems to be a bug in the source that only allows you to select the first 2 values for the “filter+ mode 1” parameter, whereas the mode2 parameter works fine. (nrpn:92 and 93) … cc 12 and 13 select the second set of cut and res. I’ll add it in, just need to get a nice interface working for all of the filter types and not just svf. (and ask about that bug)

That’s a really nice editor, works perfectly
thanks very much

Bump cause I totally missed this when it came out and it looks great.

This is great thanks!

Yessss. New Live user here and I am very excited to try this! It should fit perfectly with my setup and make it super easy to work in extra Shruthi goodness.

This is a cool thing. I wish I knew how to update it though, there seems to be less options for oscillator two than what is on my shruthi. I also wish I could figure out how to add special things like the yellow magic delay options.

Nice one. I had a look at this last night. I added the extra shapes to oscillator 2 and the Delay controls. I need to tidy it up a bit. I haven’t quite worked out bPatchers properly in Max4live. I’ll try an post it up this weekend.

Hey thanks Widdly :slight_smile:

nice work, ill check it out.

It would be cool to get a update for 1.1!

Here is a Yellow magic version of the editor. I added the delay parameters and all the other missing parameters and updated the menus. You need to be on at least firmware 1.00.

The parameter menu in ableton midi clips should show the right names for all the controls which is fun for going nuts with the modulation. Here is a demo of some OTT parameter modulaion…

Sometimes it seems to wig out if there is too much modulation. Opening and closing the max editor fixes it. (43.7 KB)

Wow! Nice work, widdly (and trash80). I’d love to see a non yellow magic (i.e. SMR4) version that includes the extra modulation, sequencer etc. that’s in this one.

Yeah, it would be cool to add dropmenu for the shruthi type. Then it adds the proper controls (and changes the graphics and colours).

I’d also suggest a ‘send all’ button so you don’t need to save the patch on the Shruthi itself.

Being able to modulate Shruthi parameters in Ableton clips with this is absolutely brilliant!

Here’s a 4 pole mission version. I’ve never used Max before so I had to watch a couple of tutorial videos to figure out roughly what I was doing. Hope someone finds this useful.

Shruthi-1 (6.0 KB)

@phonodyne Live is saying that your device was not found. It looks hot. But does not appear to be the whole file.

Ah, nuts. I don’t really know what I’m doing with M4L but I’ve just read something about needing to freeze a device before distributing it. Does the attached version work?

Shruthi-1 (57.8 KB)