Yellow Magic X Axiom 25 Build

Hello Shruthiverse,

I am working on building a YM to live inside my Axiom 25, in a similar fashion as Sickanovic did recently. I have my filter board built completely (my first foray into soldering/DIY/ my new addiction :D) and am about to purchase my parts for the control board. I just followed the standard BOM for it, and I just wanted to clarify that the only reason it is recommended to use a 6.8 instead of 68 ohm resistor is because the display is different with the YM kit. I only bought the PCBs, and I am actually going to use the display that is listed in the standard BOM because it will match the display of the Axiom better (from what I can tell). So I should use the 68 then correct? Also, is there anything that Digikey sells that can be used as the board mounting hardware? I was unable to find anything…

Thanks for any help, in the meantime here are a couple pictures of my progress so far (to be clear, on the filter board picture there are no IN/OUT jumpers however they have been added since the picture was taken) :slight_smile:

ONE LAST THING: I am trying to figure out the cleanest but also the most cost efficient way to make a front panel bit to enclose the YM in the Axiom, it will be going where the drum pads were, Sickanovic made a really awesome custom front panel for his but i just cant justify spending the $ on a new front panel unfortunately… Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Very nice! I just bought a YM for cheap and am looking to do the same thing with modding it into a keyboard. Will definitely keep track of the progress.

Sickanovic’s idea to get a full plate for the whole face of the Axiom seemed to work well, but I would imagine it was expensive. It might look fugly, but a Shruthi sized faceplate might do the trick depending on how you cut up the Axiom face.

Thanks, sorry Im so late I did not notice a new comment on here… I am planning on using a wooden shruthi sized faceplate, just trying to decide what kind of style I am going for… possibly painting it and applying a ghetto silk screen to the wood panel :stuck_out_tongue: I will update when I have it decided and built!