Yellow Magic sort of works. (Resolved)

The chips from smallbear definitely require 39K.

Mine looks like the one from small bear. Got it from Tayada.

39k doesn’t seem to work…Everything else is fine, so I’m going to worry about it later.

I just finished building 3 Shruthi’s (Polyvoks, 4PM and YM).
They all work perfectly except for the delay of the YM.
I got the MCP4822 from ebay, the PT2399 at and the rest of the components at Reichelt.
The delay wasn’t working at all with 22K at R58, I replaced it with a 30K but it made no difference : the filter is working (sounds nice too) but no delay whatever the settings.

Any idea ?

[edit] re-tested today after a good night of sleep (had been soldering all night) and the delay does work now :slight_smile:

And it does sound amazing !

I just want to attest that changing R58 to a 39K works WONDER!

Thanks! (my chip was from smallbear aswell)