Yellow Magic Programmer?

Has anybody done a YM Programmer?

I was wondering if doing this would enable anything different than a SMR filter…maybe have a delay pot? I know there would not be a pole switch, since it´s a 2 pole filter.

There will be no additional Knobs for the Filter, you will have to set it with the 4 DigitalBoard Pots.

Ah I see, so no point in using a YM filter on it. Programmer seems better suited for the SMR.

What’s wrong with controlling the delay parameters with the 4 knobs below the screen, and everything else from the programmer?

Nothing wrong actually, was just wondering if any filter would add to the 32 pots already there. Plus there´s no pole selection in YM.

I love the YM´s standard looks anyway and have the yellow case plus I could swap filters later if I feel the itch.

I suggest you use your favorite filter for a programmer. With programmer you will love it even more!

What are using for a case?

Since FCD72 couldn’t make me my dream panel, for the moment, I bought a cheap modular case from Frys.


I got the plain one since I plan on painting it yellow. All 32 programmer knobs can fit on the top if you space them out.

A friend volunteered to hand paint the graphics when he visits.

Or use 8 sliders in the front panel for ADSR’s. Than leave rest of the 24 knobs to the top. Makes more room for them.

This should of been completed but all my belongings are in Storage. Wish ya luck!