Yellow Magic LCD Question

So I’m finally getting around to finishing my LP2+Delay unit, that I had only been able to purchase the PCB’s as the kit was unavailable, I had to get all the parts myself. As I’m doing the finishing touches I noticed in reading the build notes that it recommends R20 should be 6.8 Ohms as opposed to what the PCB says as 68 Ohms. Luckily I caught it right before I soldered on the LCD screen, but my question is does it need to be 6.8 Ohms if you are using a yellow LCD? The One I had ordered was from Spark Fun LCD-00709 (white)which was listed on the BOM, but should that be 68 Ohm or 6.8 Ohm? If I install the LCD-00790(yellow on blue) would that be 68 or 6.8, as most of the complaints for this board are that it is barely readable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Barry

Given that these are parts I am not familiar with (Sparkfun no longer buys the parts from Xiamen Ocular, so the short datasheet on their site is not really representative) - I cannot answer. Try contacting Sparkfun and see which value they recommend. You can also try soldering the 1x16 connector to the LCD, and sticking it into a breadboard so that you can easily try various values without soldering/desoldering anything (that’s what I do when I encounter a part I am not familiar with). At the very worst, you’ll blow the internal backlight LED but your Shruthi board will be intact.

Can you give me specs on what I should be using for the 68 ohm vs the 6.8 ohm? Preferably a yellow LCD I was looking at but am a little confused as far as what I should be looking for. Thanks b

why don’t you just try starting with something like 220R. The Backlight is on pin 15+16 you can easily connect it with some wires and see whats appropriate. At least thats the way o do it :wink:

If you see “backlight supply voltage = 5.0V” (as in the Newhaven ones), this means the part has a built-in resistor and that you can short the resistor or put a very small value there, in the 5 ohms range.

Is it the same with this display?

And can a second resistor be soldered in parallel (on the other side of the pcb, since the R220 is covered by the display)?
It seems to be a bit dark…

There is no answer to the datasheet to this display so the answer is “I don’t know, experiment!”

Glorious German Bundespost just delivered a bunch of Displays from Zyscom while it is actually below 0 and snowing. Heroes in hello Cars!
It seems they are all white Backlight wit a colored polarizing Foil, so the Background is always dark Black (which is nice). I will try later today and report.

I ordered some displays of him last months. And i’m satisfied with them.
I used them with the normal resistor and had no problems.
Also the shipping was relativly fast.

And i think fcd is right. They all seem to use a foil for the colour…

Yes they are beautiful with dark background but mine are rather dark with the normal resistance (i have 1 green and 1 red).
The red is much darker than the green display. The green is almost ok.
They are also available in blue, orange and yellow.
They are very inexpensive: 4.20 euros! Shipping (registered mail): 4.50 euros.
What color are your displays?
I rejoice at your results!

I ordered some of every color he got.^^
Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange and Red. Only used the red, blue and yellow ones, yet.
May be there a slight differences. But none of them seems too dark to me.
And the price is the best. I also ordered some other stuff from him like connectors and stuff…

Anyone else got his displays delivered in a TupperBox??

Yeah! Best packaging ever! Was directly used for eletronical stuff. :slight_smile:

Is it determined only after a certain amount of displays … :slight_smile:
I ordered individually - everything was well packed

You all know i can’t just order one of a piece…


we have definitly something in common…^^
…at least some displays. :slight_smile:

Programmer? Did anybody say Progammer?

BTW, the Anushri Programmer doesn’t have a Display… so you may offer your guesses here :wink:

Hmm, a Turbo Exfilnator with moar options?
An Ambika dodecahedral freier Hund das Untere die Flippewelt gesputt?


is there anything new?