Yellow Magic BOM Questions

Hello, I am Greeensmaaan from the US! Really excited about starting this project, but I had a few questions before I pulled the trigger on purchasing my bits and pieces for my Yellow Magic Edition.

My first question may be a bit dense, but for my 6.35 jacks should I be purchasing stereo or mono? I am assuming stereo… however I wanted to be certain (I was looking at this particular stereo jack: )

My other question is regarding the rotary encoder, would this be a suitable one to purchase?

Thank you so much for any help, I have been lurking here for quite some time and I am very excited to be joining the Shruthiverse soon! :smiley:

The encoder will clearly not fit (you can see that it has 5 leads in the front, while the one used for the Shruthi has 5).

The jack is mono.

Stay with the parts mentioned in the BOM :slight_smile:

Thanks! Did not notice the leads on that encoder, I was just trying to consolidate my orders seeing as I am ordering everything from Digikey and Sparkfun and there is no encoder listed available from them on the BOM. My ASSumption was incorrect of course haha… thought they might be one in and one out.

Thanks for the quick response pichenettes, and I GREATLY appreciate everything that you have accomplished with MI! You are an inspiration :smiley:

A little question about the yellow magic filter BOM.

Does somebody tried to mount 1N4448 diodes instead of 1N4148 ?
I have 1N4448 in stock :slight_smile: