Yellow magic assembled , LEDs work as they should but no sound ( FIXED)

Hi all, i got my YM all built and before i put on the lcd i did the recommended test, i get all thr leds to work and move as they shoudl, but when i connect it to A MIDI device ( I tried 2 actually) no sound comes out,without putting the lcd on it I cant tell if its receiving and MIDI data . Hmm I forgot that the sruthi has a test tone if you hold Encoder 1 for a bit, be right back

hmm no test tone photos to follow

You did put in the wire bridges next to the input / output jacks ?


here are the 4 high res shots of the assembled ( but no LCD) YM edition

the chips that cant be read are:

filter board top line left to right

next line

on control board front the chips are l-r

top left

Im hoping its just a chip or something simple Ive overlooked :slight_smile:

cheers all

LT1054 is inserted backwards, see the photo:

2 things

1: im disappointed it took you 2 minutes to fix this :slight_smile:

2: it sounds fantastic, jimi hendrix meets vangelis , wow

Cheers Olivier, now I have to buy your upcoming products , your assistance and service is par exellence


Ok got it put together , a slight hiccup as I forgot the OLED is reversed colours :frowning: but just spent some time with it and its cool

now to assemble the case and get it painted etc

@dude163 OLEDs are usually coloured characters on a black background. People usually seem to get LCDs with dark backgrounds for their Shruthi-1s, too (negative displays), so it’s not much different, except LCDs show reversed (i.e. light background + dark character in the case of a neg. display), when viewed at certain angles, and OLEDs don’t.


Yea I figured that out aftera few minutes of panic, then of course MIDI didnt work, then I realised my Keyboard was turned off ! doh!

now I just need to clean off the flux a bit ( rubbing alcohol?) and assemble it with the help of my 5 yr old and 8 yr old kids :slight_smile:

An old toothbrush will also help when removing flux.


your flatmate toothbrush works as well (preferably when he has not complied to his washing dishes duties).

I don’t clean PCBs. Never.

i did franks plan more playing , less cleaning . i wasted my cleaning time painting it