Yeeahhhh! New Search Function!

new search function

great work Olivier!

Ha ha here comes the heavy artillery…

Awesome work! Now we only need a link to the Wiki on the MI main page plus a link to the T-shirt shoppe mentioned way back. Babysteps, but it’s definitely getting real good!

We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the main site redesign.

Awesome! This should help with your workload some (assuming people take the time), thanks Olivier!

@pichenettes: you da man!

Kudos to the guy who wrote the Sphinx plug-in for Vanilla. This is a ridiculously insane bit of work (I didn’t know there was something like a forum/CMS php plug-in that sets up a search daemon FROM SOURCE and update crontabs for you…). I had to jump through some hoops to make it work (permissions nightmare + trivial warning emitted by configure that made the procedure fail), but I’m surprised I got it to work.

BTW, are there sysadmins out there? I hate doing system maintenance stuff and would love to have someone I could hand over assignments (stuff like backup scripts, system updates) - say half a day / month.

“I saw the light at the end of the tunnel… but it turned out to be a train!”

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Great! Thanks!!

Huh, the new search functions are gone?

Yes. Sphinx was hogging memory, and this is what caused the server to crash every second or third day. Sphinx upgrades / downgrades didn’t help.

Awww :frowning: Thanks for the info…

Can somebody explain how to use the “old” search function? I always get nearly everything from the last days as a result.

I might recommend using the big G 0 0 g l y with your search and the word(s) “mutable” or “mutable instruments” after it. It works beautifully for pretty much snippet I remember for any thread. The native search engine on here makes me do a lot of wading

You can add a domain parameter in most search engines, for example Duck Duck Go:
search string
Or Google:
search string

Thank you. I´ll try this.

It works without the - search string

This link might be usefull… for me it is now :wink:

Google Advanced Search at

whoops youre right. with -site: you exclude a domain from the results…