Yay! x0x heart Pacemaker is ready to go!

x0x-heart pacemaker (Eurorack adapter board)

VERY stoked for this… If anyone want to get a jump on this and not wait till may, I can order boards from OSH for $24 and panels from CAM expert for ~$35 now so I can have them in my hands in about 3 weeks…

Just bought a xox-heart to monkey around with. Once I get my modular off the ground, it’ll probably go in there with this kit. Pretty exciting stuff. Can’t wait!

I like it, but would like a direct usb/midi kit better.

since it’s modular i would recommend the following badboy:

Nah, I refuse to go modular, I must not, I cannot,… :wink:

You can just not mount the Panel…… its a perfectly fine USB/CV Interface

In other words, you can choose instead to depreviate it from being grabblinged.

Those that have been grabbling deprivated are in a sense even more modular than those that have been mounted.

WRT: Modular, don’t resist, just plan for it

I’m even more Darth Vader with regards to going modular: It’s useless to resist son.