Yarns won't go into external clock mode

Hello all,

I’ve got a Yarns module that doesn’t seem to go into external clock mode.

The manual states simply that ‘The tempo is adjusted by modifying the TE(MPO) setting. Below 40 BPM, the display shows EX(TERNAL) - which means that the internal clock will not be used and that external MIDI clock messages are expected.’

But when I adjust the tempo below 40 the readout just displays a number below 40, all the way down to zero, and I’m not getting a sync with an external midi clock.

I’m trying to use an Octatrack as the external clock and I’ve confirmed that the Octatrack is sending clock by slaving a sub37 to it. No luck so far with the Yarns.

Seems like the first step is to get the TE(MPO) screen to display EX. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


P.S. my Yarns is at the latest firmware - 1.3

What you have done so far is turn down the BPM down to 100. It doesn’t stop there! It continues going lower after that, from 99 to 40. Then you’ll find EX.

Doh! Thank you!

I was actually thinking of getting a Yarns in order to sync the octatrack with a modular clock while the octatrack sends out sequence cv. Have you been able to use Yarns that way?

Not sure what you mean by “modular clock”.

Yarns doesn’t have a clock input jack, so it cannot be synchronized with other module. But it can be the master clock (sending both a modular clock, and a MIDI clock for the octatrack), or it can be used to convert the Octatrack’s MIDI clock to a clock signal.

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Thanks for the reply!

I think that’s a typo?

I am using a Pamela’s New Workout as my master clock, but I can sync PNWO to external clock without much hassle so It sounds like Yarns will work for me!

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