Yarns with Digitakt

Hi im quite new to the community, pls excuse my lingo.

I’m currently having trouble with my yarns/digitakt set up. Been trying to feed clock signal from digitakt to yarns but nothing is working or lighting up. I’m pretty sure nothings wrong with my digitakt output setting since it works with other equipments. LA is on 4m but I don’t think it’s my layout setting that causing the trouble, quite confused pls help :cry: thx

Ps. When I first got it I did a bit of “exploration”, don’t think I saved any of the settings accidentally.


Hi Pete,

be sure to not have chosen 4P or 4M mode because this modes doesn´t have clock outputs. On the Digitakt Midi Config make sure you have switched on “Clock Send”.

Clock send is on, and switched to 1m on yarns still no signal

You also need to set the TEmpo to EXternal on Yarns - otherwise it ignores clock and start/stop messages.