Yarns with Ableton and Octatrack


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:
I wish I got the Yarns updated. Looks like it’s not something easy to do for a beginner.
Mine show 1 :expressionless:


Just follow the instructions detailed in the manual.


Trust me. I did it ;-).
I understand the general idea. I’m just wondering how can I do this :
“The SysEx data needs to be sent with a delay of at least 100ms between packets. As packets are received, the number on the screen is updated, indicating the total amount of data, in kilobytes, received. The firmware contains between 64 and 100 packets”
But I’ll keep looking for it !


It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

  • Download Elektron C6
  • Download the firmware syx file
  • Open C6 and load the syx file
  • Click on “Config”
  • Select the MIDI device and port connected to Yarns (MIDI Out)
  • make sure Delay (ticks) is 15, leave everything else at the default settings
  • close the Config window then click SEND. C6 shows the progress of data sent to Yarns. Once all data has been sent Yarns should say “OK” and reboot.


Thank you !!! Just did it and it works :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,
I’m still learning the Yarns and I love it but I would like to play drums and VCOs with my Yarns even I’m already using two gates for the Braids and the Loquelic Iteritas. I have two ideas and I’d like to get your advice between the two solutions I have in mind :

1st Solution :

  1. Connect the Octatrack Out to the Yarns Midi In
  2. Connect the Yarns Out (Thru mode ?) to the Erica Synth MIDI to Trigger module (http://ericasynths.lv/en/shop/eurorack-modules/by-series/basic-series/midi-to-trigger-module/)

2nd Solution :

  1. Connect the Octatrack to a Midi splitter (http://www.midisolutions.com/prodthr.htm). One goes to the Yarns and the other one to Erica Synth MIDI to Trigger module

Trying to figure if I take the drums modules path or not.If you want to know what kind of music I would like to create, it’s techno / electro such as Surgeon, Jeroen Search, …

My actual rack : https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/594530
The rack I could get if I take the drum modules direction : https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/604876

Thanks for your time & help :slight_smile:


Your 1st solution is fine. I don’t see the need for a splitter. Yarns MIDI out will pass on messages it receives. Also a mult like MI Links would be very useful to send one trigger to several modules, or a clock divider/multiplier(like Temps Utile or others). For example you could send a copy of Yarns’ clock to Temps and you then have six individual trigger outs each with their own unique clock settings, all cv controlled. This is a little different than being able to control each percussive trigger independently from your Octotrack, but it’s super flexible and fun.

Don’t forget Braids has it’s own VCA and envelope generator.

And Yarns has oscillators too and 4T mode is great for percussive stuff.


Thank you !
I’ve saw in the manual " When set to THRU, all events received by this part are forwarded to the MIDI out without any processing ". So, if I understood :

A) Playing Braids with my OT :
Octatrcak Track 1 - Midi CH1
Yarns Part 1 - Midi CH1

B) Playing the Loquelic Iteritas with the OT :
Octatrcak Track 2 - Midi CH2
Yarns Part 2 - Midi CH2

If I would like to play - for example - a clap from the TipTop CP 909 :
Octatrack Track 3 - Midi CH3
Midi Out of the Yarns to the Midi In of the Erica Synth MIDI to Trigger module
And the TipTop CP 909 will be played thanks to my OT - Track 3

Is it as simple as this or did I miss something ? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help !


No it’ll work just like that!