Yarns with Ableton and Octatrack

Hello guys,
I’m new here and I’d like to get feedback from experiment users of the Yarns.
I have an Octatrack and I would like to play my rack with it and be able to record on Ableton etc.
I did read a lot of topics with issues such as clock, freeze,… I wanted to know if some of you use the Yarns with the Octatrack and Ableton … Everything works fine or better to get the beatstep pro ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Never had any issue with it, no idea what people do wrong, but here it works like a charm.

Thank you. Glad to see this because i have to decide between Yarns, uMidi from Intellijel or the Beatstep pro.

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Can you point me at where you read about issues with Yarns? I’d be curious to see what the issues are.
If you already have an Octatrack and you like the sequencer I don’t see why you’d want to buy a BSP. The differences between Yarns and uMIDI are many, it’s not just a matter of which one works better, it’s also a matter of features (which are really different).
Yarns gives you up to 4 voices, lacks USB midi (which you don’t need with the OT) and has all sorts of tricks up its sleeve. µMIDI is a single-voice module, with less features, but an expanded CLOCK output section and a simpler operation. They are really very different, so if you’re unsure between the two I’d recommend to think more about what you want to achieve musically, since you don’t seem to have a clear picture about it yet, especially since the OT gives you 8 midi tracks and they’d be a bit wasted with the µMIDI, woudn’t they?

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This is exactly what I’m doing. Not easy to understand all these modules when you start but a Midi To Cv seems important to me. I know what i want to achieve musically but i need to know more how to proceed. I’d like to create sequences with my OT, play my VCOs separately. For now I have the Braids, Quad VCA & Quadra but I’m going to sell my 0 Coast to get Yarns, Iteritas and Three sisters for now. I would like to record on Ableton etc. I’ll keep looking on the web then :slight_smile:

I use Yarns -> Octatrack or Octatrack -> Yarns all the time and have never had any issues! I rarely bring a DAW in to the picture though, so I can’t speak to that.

I sometime add an Axoloti to the mix, as a USB MIDI host for a MIDI controller, which works pretty well too.

I feel better reading these commente. I’ve compared the Yarns with the uMidi and I’m going to get it. Looks like the perfect combo with my Octatrack. Thabk you.

One thing I have learnt in those 4 years I had to provide support for Yarns:

When people connect the MIDI out of a sequencer to the MIDI in of Yarns, they somehow expect that they have to do something to “sync” both devices. But this is not the case! If you program a note sequence on the Octatrack (or any hardware sequencer or DAW), Yarns will always receive and play the notes on time (with the ~1ms latency of a MIDI note message) and you don’t have anything special to do for that. That’s just how MIDI works!

MIDI clock synchronization settings enters the picture only when you want to synchronize Yarns’ arpeggiator/internal sequencer with the Octatrack.

Got it. Thank you.
I just want to play sequences on my rack thanks to the OT. Having two VCOs this is something I’d love to do but a LOT of people is telling me to get the Beatstep pro instead. I can understand that but having the OT, Yarns is a better idea.

Also, sync in Ableton is easy to do with the couple OT / Yars ?

As easy as synchronization between Live and the OT!

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Awe-some ! Thank you :slight_smile:

Whatever you end up deciding with, you need a MIDI-CV module that offers multiple channels, which already rules out µMIDI, since it only offers one channel of MIDI-CV conversion. Of course everybody here on the forums will tell you to get Yarns, I mean you’re on the Mutable Instruments forum :smiley: but still, I went through a bunch of MIDI modules in the years and one thing which makes Yarns stand out to me is also the totally hassle free calibration. I mean, it just works and you don’t have to mess with trimmers on and stuff like that.

Regarding going with OT + MIDI-CV module or just a Beat Step Pro… well that’s a totally different question. To be honest, I don’t know if you can really compare the OT and the BSP in terms of sequencing, they’re really two different beasts. If you want power and lots of it (including 8 tracks, conditional trigs, etc.), the OT is your thing, if you want something more easy and more hands on (but with less tracks and more limitations) go with the BSP. I think it’s mostly a power versus ease of use thing, and you have to see where you tend to find your ideal mix of these two factors. BUt since you seem to already have an OT and seem happy with it, I don’t see why you should change. Keep in mind, the BSP is pretty big for what it does, so using it together with the OT is possible, but will make your setup more bulky.

I know because I’m selling the 0-Coast (thanks to him I had a Midi To Cv), I need to find something to play more than one VCO’s (for example) and Yarns is on my top list. The BSP wasn’t my choice as I already have an OT but my friends keep telling to get it instead of the the Yarns which doesn’t make sens to me.

I know exactly what kind of music I want to achieve but I’m just a newbie trying to figure how I can build my first rack without doing mistakes. I keep reading topics and watching reviews but at the end of the day I’ll have to give a try and see how it goes :slight_smile:.

For now, I’m looking to understand how can I play two different sequences with my two different VCO’s (the Braids and loquelic iteritaI). I guess I’ll just have to set two midi tracks on my Octatrack (ch1 & ch2 for example) and setting theses channels on the Yarns too. Then I’ll have to patch the CV to the VCO 1 and 2.

This is the beauty of the modular, keep looking to understand how it works :smiley:

That’s it.

  • Set Yarns to 2M mode (you want two monophonic parts).
  • Select part 1, choose a MIDI channel for part 1.
  • Select part 2, choose a MIDI channel for part 2.

Thank you. Gonna order it this week.
Selling the 0-Coast was difficult to decided but I prefer the real open world working only in my rack.

I finally got Yarns yesterday and it was really easy to start with it using the Octatrack and Ableton. I still have a lot to learn with this little beast. I wanted to know if the V1.3 is the lastest version of the firmeware ? If so, where can I see if mine has the lastest version ? :slight_smile:

Ps : I LOVE the little animals that come with the Braids and Yarns :smiley:

Yes, it’s the current version: https://mutable-instruments.net/modules/yarns/firmware/

Cheers. I wanted to be sure. Love it so far :slight_smile: !!!

Hello guys, you’ve helped me a lot. Thank you but I have few questions :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  1. Can I use Yarns to record Midi notes on Ableton ? I guess so if I put the Midi out of the Yarns to the Midi in of my Midi Interface which is connected to my macbook, right ?
  2. How can I see the lastest version of my Yarns to be sure it’s up to date ?

Great weekend everyone :slight_smile:


actually 1.4 is the latest. when you power up it’ll show .4 or 4: