Hi there,

i really love the shaping mode in the trigger mode of YARNS, the fact you can go through SQ / LI(NEAR) /EX(PO) / RI(NG) / ST(EP) or BU(RST)
is there any other MI modules that can do that in a more dedicated way ?
Like I mean, a trigger module with internal possibilities of shaping the source of triggers ?

No, but it’s something I wanted to do for a while - a trigger processing module with division/multiplication, randomization, delay, repetition (all this merging Marbles’ t section and Peaks’ alternate functions), and two knobs to process the trigger stream with various filters or convolve it with various response shapes and samples (like on Elements’ STRIKE section). Would have been 12 or 14-HP, so a bit too big for processing a single channel of drums, and maybe too big as an exciter for Rings!

ooooh I understand !
So Marbles does have this “kind” of things with the “T” ouputs , kind of ?

No, Marbles only outputs triggers.

ah non not really… just lenght of gates and stuff like that, in see…
where could i find this stuff ?
ahhhhh ahhhh ?

You can use a sample player module like the Tiptop One and create your own curves as .wav files.

Also check the Xaoc Zadar - you get 4 channels of this.

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Ciao again !
I tried since one hour to trig the 4 channels on Trigger MODE 4T…
I tried with the quick start up and saw i had to put everything on Midi Canal 10, but at the end it just remains the last one of the four triggers…
Well i would love triggering manually or with external sequencer this fantastic mode , not with the internal trigger patterns…
Everything works fine with other Layouts like 1M or 2M even 4M, i just assign what i want where i want, and it’s pretty easy and fast
But on trigger mode 4T, it doesn’t work … what am I missing ?
something big for sure but i don’t see it… :face_with_monocle:

No you don’t have too, you can use any channel you want!

You need to assign a MIDI channel and a note for each part.

that’s exactly what i do…
i just tried the quick start because it didn’t worked…
i tried to do it like on other layout mode but it just doesn’t work…
strange no ?

Why? What happens?

Are you sure you’re selecting the part number (PA), then changing the channel (CH) and note (NO) for all parts from 1 to 4?

Yeah at least one note should work…
I tried every note on the keyboard , like pressing a C3 and changing all CC/ numbers (NO) from 0 to 127…
nothing… i don’t have a clue…

Why are you changing the CC number?

To start with, what do you want to do? Trigger the 4 parts from different MIDI channels, or from the same MIDI channel with a different note for each?

yes that’s it , from different midi channel

What happens when you assign a different midi channel to each part, leave the note to the default (36) and send that note on the corresponding channels?

what happens ? nothing darling!
it remains without answer… ground control to major tom…

Send me a SysEx dump of the module’s configuration and I’ll have a look. I’m sure there’s an incorrect setting somewhere. Or maybe you’re not sending the right note!

what note could it be ? my guess a C something ? C3 ? right ?

jesus , how the hell i’m gonna do this ? :face_with_monocle:

can I use SysEx Librarian ?
sorry, i’m a bit confused…

I tried everynote, and again, when I tried with 1M/ 2M / 4M it works just perfect
it"s just this 4T mode trigger, i don’t get, i’m sure I’m missing something, but I just don’t know what
I feel sorry to waste your time like this :roll_eyes:

You connect Yarns’ MIDI out to your computer’s MIDI in.

In SysEx librarian you click on Record Many. You hold Yarns’ encoder to show the menu and select *> SYSEX DUMP, then click. A SysEx file is create on your computer that you can post here. With that I can reproduce the exact configuration of your module on mine to see what’s wrongly configured.