Yarns vs Midipal

I’m a big fan of the Midipal, but generally I’m just using the Arp and Seq.
I’m considering picking up a Yarns module, am I correct in assuming that it could be used to arpeggiate or sequence 4 separate midi channels from the midi out (each channel playing a different pattern)?


Nice! I know where my next paycheck is headed…

My next question: any recommendations for powering a single module?

Doepfer mini-case?

The new Pittsburgh Modular cases have a 5V rail and more amps to power more modules. If you can live with the shallow depth, they are a pretty good deal. If I had to decide between the Doepfer with the handle and the PM without, I would go with the PM.

Yeah, it is overkill for just ONE module, but one becomes two pretty fast. Or so I have heard…

Who has not ? :wink:
Dream big my friend, as your modular will grow, this is kinda natural dynamics…

I’m definitely concerned about catching modular fever, don’t know if my bank account can handle it!

I was considering building my own enclosure and powering it with something like this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/229823353/eurorack-test-psu-diy-kit?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=eurorack%20psu&ref=sr_gallery_1


Sure it’s the “cheapest option”, but depending on how much your case materials will cost it may not be a cheap option in the long run. At least with the larger cases you can add other MIDI sequencers, and Eurorack does have some more than just Yarns. Not to mention that Yarns is great for playing with other Euro modules and not just MIDI. If you are keeping it 100% MIDI, you should look into CycliC.

The Doepfer Mini case seems like a good solution if you just have one or two modules, but I would advise against it, you’ll not be able to stop anyway, once you start buying modules :smiley:
Plus the Mini case is totally underpowered for anything but basic Doepfer Modules, so it’s a bad investment on the long run.

CycliC is very cool, but I’m looking for a hardware solution. I was considering the Social Entropy Engine (when its released), but its twice as much as Yarns, and I already have a sequencer in my setup. Another concern is small footprint, I like to keep my rig portable.
I’m also currently running just midi equipment (Juno 106, Korg Poly 61M, Roland MKS-7, etc), so if I ventured into the modular world I’d love to hear some suggestions on other midi capable modules that I could fill out a PM case with.

Here is a list of MIDI interfaces for Eurorack.

You will want Yarns for MIDI in, and then some other module(s) for MIDI out.

Here is a list of Eurorack sequencers.

You will find that the more non-standard step sequencers will want some extra modulation sources. It is also worth mentioning that sequencers in Euroland can be used for any CV parameter. Not just pitch.

As far as Euro sequencers, I saw a pretty cool looking one from Boomstar at GearFest. However, that is not at all released yet. It isn’t even on Modular Grid. It will have a MIDI expander as an option too.

My personal recommendation for a non-euro, hardware sequencer is the electribe2. It is just fun.

Thanks for those lists, I’ll give them a look

I’m actually using the Electribe 2 Sampler as my current sequencer, recently upgraded from the ESX. Really love having polyphony on a sequencer. I’m thinking the multi-channel arp and transpose functions from Yarns would compliment the ES2, as those features are lacking on the machine