Yarns v1.02 release candidate


  • A bug introduced in v1.01, which prevented more than 3 oscillators to be simultaneously used, has been removed.
  • Channel 4 in mono, dual mono, dual poly, and quad polychain modes can now output a full range LFO unaffected by the modulation wheel (CV = LFO) or attenuated by the modulation wheel (CV = VIBRATO LFO).
  • The vibrato LFO can now be synchronized to a fraction of the MIDI clock. Check the last few settings of the VS (vibrato speed) parameter.
  • Many parameters can be controlled by CC. All parts listening on the channel on which the CC is sent will react. Implementation chart here.
  • A remote control channel (new parameter named RC) can be set. CCs on this channel can control each of the four parts.

I installed this Firmware and the Midi remote works nicely.
Running a patch using Yarns as dual VCO, having midi control on the relevant parameters of both parts mapped together on the midi controller. This is pure fun!

Yes, agreed. Have been working with this for a few weeks now, just brilliant. Merci mille fois.