Yarns V/Oct range

I wonder what Yarns V/Oct range is at its minimum / maximum? I’m thinking of submitting a request with Elektron about their Analog Rytm which can now also sequence / send MIDI out to other gear since last firmware update. The only problem is that the Analog Rytm’s MIDI note range is 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 for C notes which is two octaves lower than “standard”. Yarns gives me -2V, -1V, 0V, 1V and 2V for the above MIDI note values. Other Eurorack sequencers only produce positive voltage range for pitch (Metropolis: 0…5V, Eloquencer: 0…10V)

-3V to +7V. You can use the transposition feature if you are not happy with the default mapping of middle C = 2V.

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so as long as I transpose it in full octaves I will avoid tuning issues when not using equal temperament?

Which tuning issues are you trying to avoid? I’m not sure I follow you here…