Yarns transpose 4 cv outs

Can the Yarns transpose all 4 cv outs at the same time when using M4? So far I have been able to just do the #1 cv out. Am i missing something that would allow me to do that? Read the manual but haven’t found any help there. I am using midi keyboard input channel one. All cv’s set at channel one.

what do you mean with “transpose”? are you using the built-in sequencer?

If you’re asking about the TT settings… It’s on a per-part basis, not global - so if you want to transpose all 4 parts, you need to select the first part (set PA to 1), then set the transposition for the first part, then select the first part (set PA to 2), then set the transposition for the second part and so on.

Unless you’re talking about a different kind of transposition…

Yep asking about the TT settings. Found it. Thanks.
Is there any way to get this changed in the firmware to global and per part?

no I am not but pichenettes solved it…thanks

No, it’s not a one-line fix.