Yarns : transmit MIDI clock but ignore start message for the sequencers?


Is this possible ?
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That would boil down to keeping the realtime clock messages but removing the transport ones. You can either use a filter (eg. Midipal) or I guess one could just hack the firmware. Afaik you can’t disable transport messages in Yarns, but it never occurred to me to check if it’s possible so I could be wrong.


Thanks. I’ll find another way to generate my clock.


It should also be noted that often you can disable receiving of transport messages, so maybe it’s just a matter of how you organize the signal chain.
For example, the Octatrack let’s you enable/disable clock and transport independently for both MIDI input and output. If you turn it off you can filter out the transport messages so it’s just a matter of putting all the other instruments after it in the signal chain.


I’m sending midi clock to this : https://i0.wp.com/syinsi.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/MAP_7101_lzn.jpg
so no options left.
I’ve got a spare Part on Yarns so i’ll clock from a track in my DAW.


but then I don’t understand the problem, why do you need to get rid of the start/stop messages?


This would be lovely! The Mother-32 has a bug where the midi start runs the sequencer… it is incredibly annoying and there’s no way to shut it off! I built a variant of the midipal but it would be awesome to not have to hook it up every time I want to connect to my m32 from my DAW. Great idea, Louis!