Yarns SysEx control

Hi P.,

I LOVE the Yarns. It it infinitely more usable than my Kenton, for a euro setup. Jacks on the front makes a huge difference in workflow.

The arp is wonderful - thank you for including it, and for merging the arp output into the MIDI output stream! For real-time control of the arp, the knob is fine, but it’s a bit menu-ish. Is it possible to control the Yarns’ internal state (arp pattern, range, gate length, etc) via SysEx? I’d love to dedicate a slider on my PC1600 to controlling the Yarn’s arp parameters in realtime.

Keep up the fantastic work – it is very much appreciated. Wonderful new tools for music – what could be better to do in life

Best, minphase

A few people have requested this, so I might implement this in the form of a programmable “remote control” channel (say channel 16) in which everything is controllable by CC.

Oh yes
I second that request
I just sold my Kenton Pro 2000!

Yes please!