Yarns stuck notes/no note-offs

Hi, just got my Yarns and I’m having some problems getting it to work properly.

As per the title, once sent a note from sequencer (Renoise on PC) or direct from MIDI keyboard, the note continues forever!

Strangely, the green LEDs next to the outputs DO follow the note on/off signals. Renoise also shows that it’s sending note off signals.

Same thing happens in all layouts, and it appears to behave the same in both normal and Oscillator modes.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance

It might be something obvious…

Can you explain how things are patched? To which module are you sending Yarns’ CV and Gate outputs?

When you are using the oscillator mode, what are you connecting Yarns’ CV output to?

MIDI comes from Renoise -> MIDI interface (EMU 1212m)

In oscillator mode I’m connecting the CV outputs to a Doepfer A-138 mixer

As I mentioned above, the LEDs are following the note on/off behaviour, but not the CV or audio.

Any ideas?

Hang on, am I fundamentally misunderstanding the functionality here?
Is the output supposed to be continuous in Osc mode and gated by a VCA?

Edit: The answer is yes

Like a massive noob, I didn’t patch the gate output to anything, assuming ‘MIDI-like’ behaviour in Osc mode. Figured it out now…

In modular world, oscillators always play continuous tones - it’s the job of VCA and envelopes controlled by the gate signals to cut it into notes. Actually, all synths are like that under the hood!

Probably the most obvious answer to any problem I’ve had(!)

Weird how sometimes you have to write something out before the solution comes. Thanks