Yarns & sp 404 & pocket operators

Hi everyone !
I don’t think this has been answered (at least I didn’t find it)…

I’m about to build my first eurorack case and I’m looking for the best way to sync my future system with my beloved sp404 and my pocket operators.

Basically, I would like to push a button or something to start (and stop) the sp404 and PO sequencers in sync with the modular.
Could Yarns be used for this task ?

These midi things give me headache… as an unskilled beginner, I would highly appreciate some advices…

Thank you !

Yes, Yarns can be used as the master clock, to which all other MIDI devices would be slaved, and which would also generate the clock for the other Eurorack modules.

Really nice, thank you

(and in case you are Émilie Gillet en personne, un humble bravo pour votre travail)

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