Yarns Sequencer reset on midi note input


Is there any way to reset the sequencer on step one each time i press a keyboard key?
If not, would it be possible to include this feature in a future firmware update? i mean technically…

Thanks in adavance!

There is no way to do that with the module.

It’s technically feasible to add this feature to the firmware, but it’s not something many people would find useful, and it’ll only add complexity to something which is already too complex.

Merci Olivier!

it’s the only feature i miss about this module but i can get your point

Would it be hard to do for a software “modder” ?

I don’t think this would be a difficult mod…

Here’s the code where Note On messages are handled:


You can check that the sequencer is active and running (seq_.num_steps && seq_running_), and in this case set seq_step_ to 0.

Things are going to be a bit more complicated if you need to add a setting to enable/disable that.