Yarns Sequencer in 4P poly mode


I got Yarns to use it in conjunction with a Chord v2 and the Doepfer Poly Modules to build a 4 part synth voices. So far everything works beautifully and I’ve got no problems playing it through an external Keyboard.

The problem arose when I tried to use the sequencer. I’ve read the manual before purchasing the module and it states that a monophonic sequencer is available for each part. Yarns has for parts, so I assumed it’s possible to play the sequencer with 4 voices. But when i start to enter a sequence the step skips as soon as i hit the next key.

Is there a way to enter a polyphonic sequence?

The sequencer is only monophonic. If you want to sequence 4 parts, you have to use the 4M mode and record a (monophonic) sequence individually for each part.

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Thanks for the fast reply.