Yarns Sequencer CC#

I love Yarns! and use it as the heart of my setup. I built a small Arduino based Midi controller for its sequencer with buttons to easily input notes, velocity, rests, ties, slides etc… It works great and makes Yarn’s sequencer super powerful and fun to manipulate live.

I feel that one thing is missing in this particular scenario (I went over Yarn’s implementation chart) - a CC to advance steps, without having to use the encoder, input a note, a rest or a tie. So a sequence is recorded and you want to edit just part of it while it’s playing. You enter record mode, and just like sending CC 112 to input a tie, You could enter a CC to advance a note. Currently, it’s possible to do this by turning the encoder… so basically a CC message that would imitate the encoders job in record mode. Does it somehow exist already or is it possible in the firmware?

Thank you!

> Does it somehow exist already


> is it possible in the firmware?

This is going to be tricky, and not something I’m willing to implement.

Right, I figured it would have been in the implementation chart if it weren’t tricky. No biggie, thanks!