Yarns review

Sonic State just published their review of Yarns

Really happy with this. Feels great when people “get” the module. This guy took the time to learn all the features, and got some cool patches running!

Hm tricky. I was thinking of getting one more Braids but shall I get a Yarns instead? Decisions decisions. Nice problems to have though.

Yarns review
Thought I’d make it clickable.

You need at least two Braids and two Yarns :slight_smile:

Have this feeling that my family would object to that idea

One thing that is not clear to me after this review and reading the manual. Is it possible to have Yarns working as one digital oscillator or four ?

One, on channel/output 4But if you buy a Edges together with it, you can get it to work as 4 somewhat customizable digital oscillators :wink:

Ok thanks for the clarification

@V’cent I don’t think that’s correct. The Yarns manual states:

Some of Yarns’ CV output channels can be reconfigured as digital oscillators. To do so, select the OS (CILLATOR) setting. The available waveforms are sawtooth, 25% rectangle, square, triangle and sine. The oscillator signal is produced:

  • On CV4 in monophonic mode (1M)
  • On CV3 and CV4 in duophonic modes (2M or 2P)
  • On CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4 in quadraphonic modes (4M or 4P)

It seems that the reviewer may not have realised this either - in the demo he gave, it seemed that the Edges module was almost redundant, and that a gated 4-voice polyphonic patch could have been achieved with just Yarns, and four VCFs, four VCAs, eight envelopes (e.g. four Peaks). OK, that why he used the Edges, because it provided four built-in envelopes and virtual VCAs, and then he seemed to use just one more envelope and filter for paraphonic filtering? Anyway, would have been nice to hear all four oscillators from Yarns playing a chord - he missed that trick.

That review was pretty good. It shows the Euclidean and step sequencers working together which is something I was interested in. Soon there will be an album totally sequenced by Yarns, haha.
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@audiohoarder: Yes, maybe a song called Wonderous Yarns

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Now I’m confused again. I was also thinking that when you read the manual you get the impression that there are more digital oscillators available but in the review it looks like one oscillator is available. So what is it. any owner of yarns or Pichenettes that could clarify?

What the manual says and BennelongBicyclist posted.

I was hoping he would demo the 4ch oscs and 4ch sequencer at the same time, with a little 4 part melody.

That reminds me, pichenettes, I noticed that when entering a step sequence into yarns, the notes were not echoed through the midi output jack. Makes it hard to enter a sequence when you’re playing midi gear. Basically, before going into seq recording, midi input is passed through, and also when playing the seq. it was just during recording that the midi device went silent. I didn’t research much further. Is there a state to be in?

> Is there a state to be in?

I’ll look into that. What is the value of the MIDI out mode? OFF, THRU, or ARP/SEQ? At the moment, the note is sent to the MIDI out only in THRU mode.