Yarns remote control with CC

A few people have requested this feature and I think it is quite useful, so here we go!

  • Most of part parameters can be controlled by CC.
  • To easily control multi-timbral patches from a single controller, and to avoid ambiguities in the tricky case where two parts share the same MIDI channel, there is an additional remote control channel that can be selected through the new RC setting. This remote control channel conveniently exposes all parameters of the 4 parts (Part 1 in range 0-31, part 2 in range 32-63, part 3 in range 64-95, part 4 in range 96-127).

Document here

Who’s interested in testing?

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Sign me up!

Will there be enough remote control so I could write a little iOS controller app?


  • Taylor (Developer of Audulus)


The only thing that cannot be remote controlled are some of the “meta” things like the MIDI channels.

@Taylor - yes, control over Yarns modes and functions from Audulus would be great. Dare I say it, even better would be integration of the Expert Sleepers ES-3 and ES-6 modules (and/or other ES modules) with Audulus, I mention the ES-3 because it is really just straightforward ADAT-to-modular-level audio and/or DC convertors (and v-v for the ES-6) - no complex multiplexing as used in the other ES modules, and thus they just work with any ADAT connection from any source.

yeah taylor! i’d love to see you write something like that - i dig audulus and would love to have your “stamp” on the yarns rig

I need to read that document and see if I can help somehow.

Looks fantastic, I’d be interested in testing this out if you still need people. It’d be a nice job for an ipad/lemur control with 4 tabs for each part. The improved LFO sounds fun too… :wink:

Heard about the firmware update thru the Mutable FB page. CC control sounds excellent, consider me a tester as well. Best, A.

Yeap, I’m in as well.

Here, here

Updated + about to embark. Many thanks!

Anyone make a lemur sketch for yarns?