Yarns receives no MIDI

Hey there,

i have a problem with my yarns.
I´m sending my MIDI via ableton and a focusrite 2i4 into my yarns but nothing is received. A few months back when i used it the last time it was working.
Ableton MIDI track sending to focusrite usb midi channel 1
yarns in 1m or 4m, all parts set to channel 1, tempo external…what else could i have missed?
not receiving firmware update either!

I’m having a very similar problem, Yarns doesn’t seem to respond to midi which I have checked is sending. For some reason though when I try to play notes there’s no trigger or gate signal ever but about 10% of the time the note cv will change.
Haven’t tried a firmware update yet but I can’t see how that would be the problem when it was working just yesterday for me.

If the clock is set to external, the module will respond to MIDI start/stop message by playing the built-in sequence, which might contain random notes or rests… You can erase the built-in sequence by pressing REC twice.

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I was just using a midi keyboard, but playing from DAW had the same effect.

Send it back to me in march for repair when i’m back to normal!

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