Yarns questions

I am new here. Hello.

  1. How can I see what Firmware is installed?
  2. I want to control with my external Sequencer via CC some CV Parameters (I use the 2M mode), generaly there are only 2 Modulation and the free assignable. What must I do to Control the VCA Level and the Filter Modulation at the same time? I am confused with the free assignable CV Settings what I have to configure to Control one of the Things above and can I use the Modulation CV for something else?
  3. Midi Implementation Chart. I am not sure is it only for midi out or are there Information also to Control the CV with CC too?
  4. What I also don’t get is the RC Option is it for midi out only? or how can I send midi cc Things to a cv Output if I want Control CC7 Volume for example.
    Thank you.
  1. It’s the number shown on display on startup. For example. .1 -> v1.1 ; .2 -> v1.2 and so on.

  2. It doesn’t matter if the CV is used for the VCA level or filter modulation or whatever. You select which CC number should be used for direct CV control, by modifying the “CV” parameter. For example if you want to use CC #2 (breath controller), you set the CV setting to Breath. In 2M mode, you have to do this for part #1 and #2 separately.

  3. Depending on the value of the “CV” (or “>3” and “>4”) settings, the module will react to certain MIDI messages to change the voltage on a CV output. The CVs that can do that are CC #2, #4, #31 and #72, and that’s it. The other CC are interpreted as requests to modify Yarns’ parameters, not its CV output.

  4. The RC option is for controlling Yarns’ parameters – for example if you want to write a MIDI editor for Yarns’ setting.

It is not possible to assign CC #7 to one of Yarns’ CV output.

Thank you for the answer. I have 1.1 Installed. Is there more Information how to Update the Firmware as in the manual? Do i have to use the midi in for the update and the Elektron Tool thats it?

Ah I got it… I did this with 500ms insteed of 15 and it works

  • Download Elektron C6
  • Download the firmware syx file
  • Open C6 and load the syx file
  • Click on “Config”
  • Select the MIDI device and port connected to Yarns (MIDI Out)
  • make sure Delay (ticks) is 15, leave everything else at the default settings
  • close the Config window then click SEND. C6 shows the progress of data sent to Yarns. Once all data has been sent Yarns should say “OK” and reboot.