Yarns question

Can’t wait for the release of Yarns. Looks like a great box of tricks.
One question though that wasn’t clear in the manual. I want to use yarns to control 4 intellijel dixies in a 4 voice modular poly.
Will i be able to scale each oscillator individually from yarns? My current cv/midi interface won’t allow this.
I realise i can calibrate the actual oscillators to Yarns, but software implementation of this process would be much simpler.
Thanks in advance.

Yarns goes through a factory calibration process to deliver a very accurate 1V/Oct output for each channel. To achieve this, it doesn’t use the classic offset/scale scheme, but rather a look-up table which stores the exact DAC output needed for each octave.

It is thus possible to uncalibrate it so that each channel is perfectly in tune when hooked to your Dixies, and so that it captures any quirks in the Dixie tuning curve - but I wouldn’t recommend doing that, since it’ll stop working as soon as you want to drive something else… Why don’t you take the time to calibrate your Dixies accurately?

i’ve got also a (stupid) question about yarns: would it be possible to operate it as a cv2midi-coverter as well?

no, there is no component on the board able to process external CVs.

may i ask if you know about any module that can do the conversation in both ways?

I don’t know any.

For per oscillator software calibration, have a look at the Expert Sleepers range, in conjunction with the Silent Way software. I use an ES-3 with four Digisound-80 VCOs which I built in 1981,with all the original components still in place. Understandably given their age, each oscillator is a bit idiosyncratic in its frequency response. In Silent Way, I have a different calibration curves (which it generates itself) for each oscillator that can be loaded on demand whenever the ES-3 is patched into them, and then they then all track perfectly (+/- 3 or 4 cents) over about 4 octaves, which is more than good enough for me. Expert Sleepers also sell some CV input modules too.

my initial thought was that i would like to have a midi2cv interface (yarns) to be able to send some cv’s from midi hardware to my eurorack. then i figured it would be nice too to be able to make some modules control the kaoss pad’s x/y (if that is even possible) or other midi-hardware.
so i thought there would maybe be one module (in order to save space in the rack) that can both. I’m not experienced in cv2midi nor midi2cv conversationnow the only device i found that can manage conversations both ways seems to be the keith mcmillen qunexus though i’m not sure if it can do that without a computer involved. i’ll have to give it a try since otherwise the qunexus is a really cool tool as well. if it’s not, it’ will be yarns and some cv2midi tool