Yarns Polyphony Only Playing One Note

I was playing my keyboard yesterday with Yarns in the 4P layout in both Poly and Steal Most Recent. I found that many times Yarns would only play one note.

Here is an example:

  1. Play a three note chord with my right hand.
  2. Release my hand from the keyboard quickly and then play a different three note chord.
  3. After trying to play the second three note chord Yarns would only play a single note.

What could be causing this? I also noticed this when I was holding down one bass note with my left and and playing a few notes with my right hand. When I would change the bass note Yarns would get stuck and only play a single note.

I’ll have a look!


@pichenettes - any luck looking at this? I’d hate to have to get a different controller. cry

I wonder, is it possible that this is happening because of my midi keyboard? I’m using an Arturia Keystep. Maybe it gets confused and doesn’t output the notes every time.

Maybe you can record a video? Does the Keystep send a MIDI Start/stop message which could start Yarns’ sequencer?

I’ll record a video the next time I’m able to play. That’s a good idea.

How can I tell if the keyboard sends a start/stop message?

Anyway, a video would probably make things most clear.