Yarns outputs 3 and 4 not sending powerful enough triggers

Hi there! I’m using my Yarns with my Octatrack, mainly in 4M mode. Basically asigned Part 1 to Channel 1, Part 2 to Channel 2… once I got the menu structure I felt I understood it a lot better.

I’m trying to waste as less time as possible for anyone who can help me, because I don’t understand why the triggers from my parts 3 and 4 don’t seem powerful enough and it’s driving me crazy. You see, Parts 1 and 2 work perfectly, but Parts 3 and 4 are not working properly. I’ve tried them in Plaits, basically, first patching it normally, then I tried just sending the trigger directly to the output to see if I heard I click. I did hear it, and it didn’t seem weak, so the next text I did was to trigger Plaits from elsewhere and just try to change the notes through the note/cv output. It works properly and seems in tune.

So I don’t get it. Why are two of the gates not working while everything else is? There’s definitely not a problem with my Octatrack (I did try out different Channel combinations, switching parts and channels, but it basically drove me to this conclusion), but from what I’ve read if there was a problem with the gates it would be with all of them. I don’t know. Please someone help!

Looks like a hardware defect on the level translation chip responsible for these outputs. Contact me through the form on the website and I’ll explain you how you can return the module.

If you could post before that a sysex dump of the module’s settings, I could verify that this is not due to an incorrect setting!

Before I read that firmware updates don’t fix these problems I’ve realized I don’t have any midi to USB available right now. I tried to manually check every parameter to make sure it’s ok. I’ll contact you through the form on the website. I couldn’t thank you enough for the fast response.