Yarns oscillator level and analog sync


I had the idea to create hybrid digital-analog voices by hard-syncing my analog oscillators (Happy Nerding HM VCOs) to Yarns’ oscillator outputs. However, they won’t sync to it, and I noticed that the digital oscillators are noticeably quieter than the 10vpp outputs of the analog VCOs. What’s the output range on Yarns? (my guess is 5vpp, judging by the +5v reference in the BOM)


Yarns is designed to output CVs from -3V to +7V

The oscillator output is 5Vpp (it could go to 6Vpp, but after that the output would become asymmetric)


Thanks for the info! Is this the code that determines the audio output min/max?

  calibrated_dac_code_[3] - calibrated_dac_code_[8],