Yarns + Octatrack for Triggering


I’m trying to use the 4T mode for opening the VCAs on some oscillators that I have patched for drums. I’m using an Octatrack [OT] to send midi data. I set each part to it’s own midi channel 1,2,3,4.

I hit play on the OT and I chromatically hit the trigs for C (every C just to make sure I’m not on the wrong octave for triggering part 1), and I don’t even see yarns light up. If I have yarns set to 1m or 2m, I can use the gate on the vca and lay down trigs to open and close them, everything works as expected.

Can anyone shed some light as to what I’m doing wrong?


Have you correctly set the NO (TE) parameter?

What are the values of the T- (trigger duration), T* (trigger scaling) and T/| (trigger shape) settings?

Note that in 4T mode, the triggers are sent through the CV outputs.

I left the NO (TE) at the defaults, part 1 36, part 2 38, part 3 40 , part 4 42. I set the T- on the two parts I’m testing (part 1 > midi channel 1, and part 2> midi channel 2) at 60ms. The T* is Off, and the T/I is square.

I do have the CV going to the control ports of the optomix.

Seems to be working now, I powered off all the units involved, and started again, I probably had one of the settings wrong but who knows.

Is there a way to change the T- throughout the sequence? I should probably just use regular monophonic gating for oscillators that im using for percussion, but I have a couple other drum modules that are expecting triggers, man a 2M/2T mode would have been perfect for my setup :frowning:

I’m having exactly the same problem i’m absolutely baffled by the 4T mode ( and Yarns in general I’m afraid)- i’ve got 4 midi parts set up in ableton to four different channels giving the notes 36 38 40 42 etc RG set to on and a variety of Euclidian patterns set up and nothing at all - i’ve got the 4 midi tracks set up correctly. I’ve tried it do i need to press record or press play? I’ve tried about every combination. Can anyone help?

Many thanks

Are you sending notes to Yarns?

yes midi notes from ableton

What about the clock?

Ive tried on ex and on a matched tempo

And was Live configured to send a MIDI clock?

So i’m sending four different notes C3 D3 E3 G3 on 4 different midi channels- with the correct (i think) values in the NO (TE) page 36 38 etc. I’ve got RG turned on and a variety of different euclidian patterns set for each of them I’m not getting any recognition at all on yarns. Works beautifully on 1M mode.

I shouldn’t need to press record or start should i? -

yes live is sending a midi clock

> I shouldn’t need to press record or start should i? –


You’re sending sustained notes, right?


Each channel’s sequence should be empty. Otherwise, when the module receives the START message from Live, it’ll play the sequence instead of start the arpeggiator.

yes just sending it one bar long notes.

for the avoidance of doubt I’m in Ext tempo at the moment

to clear the sequences I’ve just turned off and on - think that no channel should have a sequence in it - but its not playing the sequence - its not playing anything at the moment

Press rec twice to make sure the sequence is empty.

yep done that thanks. just doesn’t seem to be recognising and midi on this setting - when i put it in 1m or 2m it sees the midi notes no problem. I must have some setting wrong but i can’t work out what it is.

Can it play notes when the arpeggiator is off?

in 1m mode or in 4t mode - isn’t it Rhythmic Generator in 4T - and no that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

In 1m mode it plays melodies etc without the Arp - in fact i rarely use the Arp for melodic stuff

Just to be completely comprehensive, I’ve got the following settings -but i think I’ve tried pretty much everything.

LA - 4T
I/ - 4
PA - 1 (but i’ve got 4 parts set up but none of them are working)
CH - 1 (each part is on a separate MIDI out channel from Live)
NO - 36 (C3 playing from Live)
’’ - Off
T- - 4
T* - On
T1 - Square
C/ - 24
RG - On
RP - 1
E - 9
EF - 5
ER - 0
RC - Off

I’m sending a looping bar long note sustained C3 from Live with the synch to the Midi interface correctly set up. The same as i would use for 1M mode for example which works great.

Sorry about this - thanks very much for your help

I’ll have a look next week.