Yarns/Octatrack Clock Issue


I just got a yarns (and love it), but I’m having an issue with the external clock, specifically when routed from my Octatrack. I’ve tried a few tests, however, and both the Octatrack and Yarns seem to be working, which is confusing.

The external clock works on Yarns when the clock is coming from Ableton, and the Octatrack works perfectly fine sending clock and transport to Ableton. When the Octatrack clock is sent to Yarns, however, no clock is received (but pitch/gate/velocity all work fine).

I’m not sure what the reason for this could be, as all the units seem to work normally in every other configuration–has anyone ever dealt with this issue? Any advice would be much appreciated.


I’m not sure I follow your question; do you mean that no clock is received at Yarns, or no MIDI clock sent to Yarns is being resent as CV clock?

If the latter is your question, have you verified that TE(MPO) is set to EX(TERNAL), which will output MIDI clock rather than internal clocks?

EDIT: In re-reading your post, I think your question is more Octatrack-specific, and I have no experience in that area – apologies.


Thanks for the reply ksparling. Basically, the clock outputs in all the relevant yarns modes neither flash nor send clock cv to other modules–I’m not sure how to tell the difference between receiving midi vs. sending the cv (sorry I’m new to this module!).

I do have tempo set to EXT, and the clocking works fine from the internal tempo.

I definitely understand that it seems like an Octatrack issue, and it may well be, but it’s just so confusing because the Octatrack sends the clock to Ableton fine.


Yarns needs to receive a MIDI start message before it starts relaying the clock. Check that the octatrack sends that.


Thanks for the reply, pichenettes. The octatrack is sending transport messages, and can control transport fine on Ableton, too. I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out what the issue could be, haha.


Elektron and MIDI… it’s like they don’t give a damn about the standard…

Sorry for the non-constructive reaction, but it’s driving me nuts as well with my Digitakt.
(which does send a MIDI start and clock is working by the way, there is only a ‘send clock’ in the settings)