Yarns not working after update v1.5

I tried to update firmware using Electron c6 and firmware v1.5 and did not work. Now I have no display when getting back to trying to operate yarns. If I try to do firmware update I still have the snake pattern though and it does nothing when I try to update again. Seems dead. Is there some kind of reset or something? I do not know what else to do. Any help out there? Thanks

Nothing is dead. The main firmware is corrupted but the firmware updater should still work (it’s on read-only memory and is not affected by updates). You need to retry the update. Do you remember why it failed in the first place?

The snake pattern is displayed because the module does not receive any SysEx data. Which MIDI interface do you use? Have you adjusted the transfer speed in C6?

Hi, Thank you very much for the quick reply. I think I have solved it. I tried all different combinations of delay until I found one that worked. Yarns is working fine now. Yay Thanks for the heads up.