Yarns not triggering Roland SH09/SH2


Yarns doesn’t appear to be triggering either my Roland SH09 or my Roland SH2. Should I expect it to? Obviously they’re not Eurorack but they are CV/gate. In fact if I put either synth’s VCA in hold mode the CV is working at least.

The manuals for both instruments states that the external gate voltage input jack requires +7.5V or over.

Is Yarns limited to a 5V gate?


Yes, Yarns output 5V gates. It’s a hardware limitation and there is no easy mod.

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Thanks Émilie

I’m hoping a pair of Doepfer A-183-3 amps will raise the gates to 7.5V or more. I lose 8hp but I think it’s well worth it for all the funky stuff Yarns can do over and above a standalone MIDI/CV converter.


Actually, would Veils do the job? VCA with gain. You can never have too many VCAs!

Yes that would work.

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